The Cows

We intend to breed our cattle purposefully from the outset as opposed to buying in steers as many have suggested. Why? Because the breeding agenda of modern cattle producers and judging systems values feed lot performance and assumes conventional farming practices. For a comprehensive commentary on the problems with the mainstream breeding, see the Pharo Cattle Company Blog.

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Perennial grasses are more nutritious, provide more stable feed over the year, and put more carbon in the ground. At this stage the only perennial grass on the property is in the veggie garden which is protected by an electrified chicken net.


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Grazing in a manner that increases the proportion of perennial grasses and increases the beneficial microbial activity in the soil also captures carbon. This is achieved essentially by allowing some grass leaves to die off and begin composting at the soil surface. Simple in theory, rather more complex in practice. For more info on the theory, science and practical matters, please visit the resources page of the Regenerative Agriculture Network Tasmania (RANT).