The Cows

We intend to breed our cattle purposefully from the outset as opposed to buying in steers as many have suggested. Why? Because the breeding agenda of modern cattle producers and judging systems values feed lot performance and assumes conventional farming practices. For a comprehensive commentary on the problems with the mainstream breeding, see the Pharo Cattle Company Blog.

Our cattle will be grass fed all the way. They will need to cope well with the available forage on the ground in all seasons and they will be moved daily. Temperament is of upmost importance because of this, and we are not spring chickens, are new to the gig, have a toddler, and will be working daily with cattle in small pasture areas. For this reason we are going with Murray Grey or Murray Grey/Angus crosses. Murray Greys have excellent temperament, both breeds do well in our locality, and make for some excellent beef in the right conditions.

Sadly, at this stage there is not currently an abattoir operating in our area. The Southern Tasmanian Association of Meat Producers has formed to try to progress this issue, but for now it it means we cannot sell our grass-fed beef to the public or commercially. If you are interested in being notified when we are able to supply beef, please send us an email and we’ll put you on our waitlist.